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When will the results be in?

The people of Haiti still are waiting on the results of the election that was held this past Sunday, November 28,2010. Unlike the United States technology is not up to date. Votes have to be hand delivered from the different cities. Due to roads that are not smooth for driving which is all roads, it takes a little longer.

Some people are afraid that if results do not come fast enough, violence throughout the country will break out  because people will grow to be impatient. This violence is not what the country needs right now.

There were three candidates who are running in this year election. Mr.Martelly, Mrs. Manigat, and  Mr.Celesti. At one voting bureau Mr.Martelly beat Mr. Celestin 40 to 1, with Mrs. Manigat who wants to be the first female President in Haiti, coming in second with 13 votes.

It seems to be like the people of Haiti want Martelly, who is a Haitian musician to be the next president. At another voting bureau he got 53 votes, with the other two candidates receiving no more than 10 votes each.

Haiti’s national voting council says that  preliminary results should be expected by December 7, 2010.


Candidate Martelly

Candidate Manigat

Candidate Celestin

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Novemeber 28,2010… Election Day Pictures


Thanks to a friend who is in Haiti right now,  I was able to recieve some pictures of todays elections in Haiti.



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Election Day!!!

Election Day, has finally arrived for the people of Haiti. Today the citizens of Haiti will make a choice that will lead the country to a change.

I follow Wyclef   Jean  on twitter, he is a citizen of both Haiti and the United States. He twitted not to long ago  “I just voted but some with me could not and there are still many who can’t find their names on the list.”  Jean attached a photo  that showed him in the process of voting. It’s so different how the people of Haiti vote from the people in America. they actually fill out papers saying who they will vote for.In America we go into voting booth and cast our votes electronically.

This morning I spoke to my cousin in Haiti, who just turned 18 years old. He was so happy that he would be able to vote in this years election and participate in making a change for his country. He  said “I’m  more excited to  be able  to vote with my older siblings and my  mom.”

Hopefully all is going well with the elections in Haiti. Can’t wait to share the great news with you all . Until next time!!!!

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Will Manigat be the First Female President?????

Elections are fast approaching for the country of Haiti.  Mirlande Manigat, is a politician who fights for all injustices of  her country and  is now a  presidential candidate in the race.This is the first time ever that a female is running for presidency and  has been elected to be a candidate.s

Manigat, fights for all injustices that the people of Haiti face. Her main focus is to help the youth of the country who can be and are the future of Haiti. She worries about the teens who graduate high school and can not be employed after . Manigat feels that they are prey to all types of temptations.she sees how the government does not care about these youth and wants to change that.

Manigat wants all people of Haiti to have equal opportunities when it comes to work and education. She wants to prohibit the 15 Article, which states that people can not have dual citizenship. she thinks that having dual citizenship will benefit the country. She says,  “For me, there is no doubt that we need the cooperation of our compatriots abroad that we can bring their youth and modernity of their training, economic resources, contacts and also a passion to come serve their country. We must give them the opportunity. Let our countrymen know that their place is in Haiti if they can, but their commitment must be to Haiti.”

She has written five books after her travels to Trinidad, Venezuela, France, and Haiti. Her books have been written on constitutional issues.

  1. The case for a new Constitution, 1995. (This book is now out of print and is being reprinted)
  2. Haitian Treaty of Constitutional Law, Volume 2, 2000
  3. Being a woman in Haiti yesterday and today. The look of the Constitutions, Statutes and society. 2002
  4. Manual of Constitutional Law, 2004
  5. Between standards and realities. The Haitian Parliament (1806-2006), 2006.

I feel that Manigat has a chance to win the election this year.She is an intellectual person who cares for the betterment of the people in Haiti. I think that she will be able to advance the country after many of the tragedies that the country has faced in the past year.  She believes in bringing help from other places which is a great idea. I can see her working with Wyclef Jean, who is a dual citizen of the United States and Haiti. if elected I see a bright future for Haiti and revival for  the spirits  of the people.

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Haiti We’re still Alive

On November 10, 2010 St. Peter’s College Haitian Student Association (HSA) hosted an expo titled “Haiti We’re still  Alive.” This was the second year that the expo was held. This expo is a great way not only for Haitian-Americans to get information on issues going on in Haiti, but for students who are not of the Haitian decent to receive knowledge as well.

The expo started of with Daniel Tillias, who came all the way from Haiti, to speak on the issues that are going on in Haiti right now. Tillias  is a peace worker and  the Director of Pax Christi Haiti. Tillias filled the ears of the young people with his inspiring words .   He was very happy that a group of young people were able to put on such a great and inspiring show. He believes that whenever young people are involved in something, a change will come out of it. Here is a Facebook link  that Tillias wanted me to share. Please join the page a little help will go a long way.

Some  of the members of the HSA preformed at this event as well. The Historian of the group Lory Mentor, class of 2011,wrote a play titled “Our Cries will be Heard.”  This play was about a Haitian family who lived in America now because of the earthquake that happened in January 2010. They had lost all of their family members  in the earthquake except one, their niece,  who lived in the capital Port-Au-Prince, Haiti. The niece, Janie, spent a week under the rubble at her school library. She came to America to live with her family to instill some knowledge about Haiti to her young cousins  and to build a better life for herself so one day she can go back to restore the place she calls home.

Being the president this year of the HSA has brought many smile to my face. This year myself, I have learned so much about the country that my family calls home. I have never been able to visit Haiti, but I hope to go very soon to help out in anyway that I can. But until I get there, I have been doing my share here in America. I took my HSA members to Wyclef Jean’s Yele Haiti Headquaters in South Orange, NJ  to give back. We made  care packages for the children in Haiti. The care package consisted of a toothbrush, toothpaste, a pair of shorts and shirt, sanitary wipes, and soap. SPC HSA at Yele Haiti

This year,  the E-board members rallied with many other groups  in New York in front of the Haitian Consulate and the United Nations in search for the people of Haiti’s money. I hope SPC’s  HSA continues to aware the college community and get everyone invovled to help Haiti.

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Haiti’s fight against Cholera

Cholera is an infectious diseases that is caused by a bacteria that affects the intestinal system of the body. The disease can cause vomiting and explosive diarrhea.

After the earthquake in January 2010,hit  the country of  Haiti, it was said that the people of the country would suffer from many dieases in the future. This is because cities would be over populated and poor sanitation would harm the people. Cholera hit the country of Haiti in October 2010, and spread really fast. This epidemic killed over 300 people and  left over 4,000 hospitalized. The outbreak is centered in the rural Artibonite and Central Plateau regions, where health centers are few and far between and transportation to the centers can take hours.Back in the capital, health officials are building treatment centers and distributing water, anxiously waiting for the epidemic to hit.

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College Student Reaction on Fritz Louissant Case…

Dating back to the Civil Rights Movement and Women being able to vote, it was college students who played a major role in getting freedom. For example, black students from historically black colleges would have sit-ins for equal rights amongst blacks and whites. They used Martin Luther King Jr ideas such as  using non-violence,  peaceful protest and sit-ins to get their point across in search for equality.

I think in Fritz Louissaint case, it would be college students who will get this man freed from jail!

This week I interviewed a Saint Peter’s College student named Mryvancia Estimable. She is a Haitian-American student from union county. Estimable had heard of this story and pitched it to the members of the HSA (Haitian Student Association) at SPC and is trying to work on ideas to get this man’s freedom.

I asked Estimable how did she feel about this issue. Estimable said “This issue is unfair and it goes to show how unjust the system is. I hope that this case lands in the Supreme Court to give Louissaint a fair trial. “

What ideas do you have to help get this man freed from jail? “I would protest in front of the Union County courthouse.  That would bring a lot of college students together to show the general public and court system that they are willing to do anything to get this job done. I would organize  a day where I can invite all students to write letters to  Union County system and  to the  Mayors of  Union County, that would voice concerns of the people.”

Estimable, how do you keep the youth informed with updates going on with the case? “For an SPC  HSA meeting,  I looked up information on the internet and I kept in contact with James Carey, who is helping the Louissaint  family with this case, by starting the “Free Fritz” Campaign. He also provides me with updates.”

Before we conclude this meeting is there anything else you would like to leave the readers with?  “When there is injustice being done in the world, please make a big effort to stop it.”

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Justice for Fritz Louissant

It was  not a so normal day at  Kings Inn Motel in Rahway, NJ. Fritz Louissaint ,a resident of this motel who paid his fee  of $40 everyday was ambushed by the motel owner.  Louissaint, suffers from a mental condition called schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a mental condition that makes it difficult for people to tell the difference between real and unreal experiences.

He has been sleeping in this hotel for four months.  Out of these for months, he has payed for his stay daily and had not missed a payment.  On April 15th, after being harassed for that day’s payment, he decided to sleep in his car.  The next day,  he woke up to a rude awakening. His clothes were being thrown out of his hotel room. He then started to put his clothes in his car.

On April 16th, 2010, this unarmed named Fritz Louissaint was shot at five  times at  point blank range by Rahway Police. Three of the bullets hit him in the chest. Fortunately, he is still alive. However, he’s behind bars in Union County Jail for a crime he did not and could not have committed.

The real reason he was shot is still unknown.  According to the police, Fritz was attacking them with a knife in hand.  He did have a knife in his possession.  The reason the police were called to the scene was because Fritz did not want to pay for his hotel stay.  The manager along with other witnesses say the same thing.  They all said that this man did not have a knife in his hand.  After constant harassment from the police, the witnesses along with the hotel owner no longer want to be witnesses.  They have received threats.

A man named James Carey along with Fritz’s brother are fighting for Fritz’s freedom.  James started the “Free Fritz Louissaint Campaign”.  He is a part of the People’s Organization for Progress.  With this man, there is hope for Fritz Louissaint.  James’s goal is to get Fritz his freedom back after being wrongfully accused of doing something he did not do.

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Teach me how to Kompa!

I know you  all are  wondering what is Kompa?  Kompa is a Haitian musical genre that comes from European and African roots.  This particular genre was adopted by Haiti as  the  national music. Kompa  consist of different beats that are made up of  drums which are called “tambou”, guitars, and  maracas just to name a few.

Kompa music is one of my favorite genres of music. I love to dance to it and I  love the Haitian bands who compose  komopa music.  I grew up listening to kompa music in my home and going to different festivites with my family and friends.  Haitians always have huge parties for anything, it can be your kindergarten graduation and there throwing a party after the ceremony.

I grew up in a catholic home and went to catholic school all my life. When I was six years old I received the sacrament of  Holy Communion. Although, this is religious thing, Haitians seem to have  parties after this too. I had a huge party.  My parents rented a huge reception hall and all my family from the   east coast came to celebrate with me. We dance to Kompa music by bands such as T-Vice, Tabou Combo, Phantom, Zenglen and many more other artist.


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Weekend Fun!!

This sunday come out to a Columbus Day Weekend special at Club Giggles, located  on 468 Peninsula Blvd. Hempstead ,New York. This event will be a musical explosion, four Dj’s  spinning the best of Hip-Hop, R&b, Reggae, Kompa, and Zouk  all night. Ladies free until 12am and pay $10 after and gentlemen $10 before 12am and $15 after. Ladies 18 and up and fellas 21 and up.For more info call 347-661-3348 . Hope to see you all there there’s NO WORK or SCHOOL the next day!!!

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